VMX Player 2.x  is a very advanced voice controlled audio & music system for Voice Attack. VMX is becoming an eco system of exclusive content as well! VMX is an advanced music player for your own music and more importantly, our own. You can add your own playlists, have them triggered on events in game, access internet radio, change voices with our exclusive Voice Expansions. We have guest composers coming onboard from the gaming industry and other content.

Music Packs are replacement soundtracks for various game genres. Run a Music Pack as an album, or in context mode triggered by game. Music Packs allow you to add/remove/replace instruments (mix variants) within a mix live, on the fly. You can include or exclude these mix variants in context mode too. Music Packs also feature Hybrid Audio Blocks, a very unique system that builds music on the fly from small blocks of audio, composing different music each time. It is unlike regular algorithmic music in that it uses chunks of real composed music and places the blocks together where it thinks they fit best. Audio Blocks is a user favourite and is currently under re-development for AudioBlocks 2 coming in VMX 2.1.

VMX is an incredibly slick, none intrusive system that will rarely bother you unless you ask it to do something. It is perfectly capable of interactivity, but we believe that given the amount of other AI’s available for Voice Attack, if we added another system that keeps pestering you, your bridge will become very crowded and annoying! Interactivity is reserved for system critical messages and for update notification system. This makes VMX perfect with other AI’s or for those who like peace and quiet and just want a minimal system you can use VMX standalone. It works perfectly well alone.

VMX features some patented technologies and a unique very powerful control system and plugin for Voice Attack. It’s a truly unique, fantastic system, we’ve created something special here and with every update it becomes more and more powerful!