VMX 2.2 is incoming in May 2019:

Development of VMX has resumed after my having to take some time away (plus other issues). VMX 2.2 is going to bring an often requested new feature. Many users have requested that context mode allow tracks to finish before moving onto the next event, currently tracks change the moment a new game event occurs. Not so with VMX 2.2 (unless you still wish it to). VMX 2.2 will allow you to choose to let tracks complete before changing playlist or music pack track. So if you are in Supercruise and your favourite playlist or music track is playing, then you jump down to a signal source, your Supercruise track will be allowed to complete before something from your signal source playlist begins to play. If you change events in quick succession VMX will simply jump across to the new event, rather than enqueuing tracks/playlists and falling behind. This is a fantastic and very powerful feature, but it doesn’t end there, you can choose also a cooldown timer configurable from 5-30 minutes, thus ensuring your playlists play for at least the specified time. Very flexible and powerful options.

Additional features and bug fixes will be included in VMX 2.2 including a fix for the update notification and MOTD system which was broken after a change by the website hoster making it incompatible. Improvements to compatibility when running VMX as secondary linked profile in VoiceAttack and other tweaks and fixes will be rolled up into this huge update.

Coming May 2019.

Thanks for your patience and support!