Development of the next generation of VMX is about to commence, the new system will be an entirely new concept with a total re-design from the ground up. The new system is being developed under the codename ‘Raptor’

I’m going to keep the feature details vague for the time being, but to whet your appetite ‘some’ of the new capabilities include:

  •  Support for many different games
  • AI assisted game integration and music control
  • Widespread integration with different music services
  • Cloud system option, negating the need to download music packs
  • Brand new GUI for configuration & control
  • All new singing and dancing superfast website
  • A new way to voice control the system
  • A redesigned VMX mix variant system
  • Several new unique, groundbreaking music innovations, VMX being only 1 of a series of unique systems
  • Tons of new music!

This only scratches the surface, Raptor is going to take several years development in total, however it will be released as modules building up to the final product. Consequently we’ll be moving from the website this summer, more details about that will be provided here and in the newsletter.

This is a huge, full time project and commitment, if you’d like to support the project, this would help resolve one of the major barriers in undertaking big projects like this, helping me survive. I promise you something big and special is coming here, as has no doubt been demonstrated already, I do deliver on my projects and innovation is what truly makes me tick. If you can possibly support the Raptor project I’d be most grateful for Patreon patronage or donations via paypal (links below) to help with living costs whilst I make this a reality for us all.

All that’s going to change… is everything. Thanks for reading.

Kate (aka Angel) o7.