Next Decade (aka Game Music Packs) will never share your contact details, whether you are signed up to our newsletter or not, we NEVER EVER give away OR sell your personal data.

We use your login data purely for authenticating your log in credentials and to pair with your past download history so that you can access it securely.

When using Social Media Logins, we DO NOT access information beyond your email address and name, again, this is never shared.

Upon deleting your account, we may keep your past details and purchase history temporarily, for example for the purpose of backups. Please do change your mind on leaving us though 🙂

If you are with us on social media, Twitter, Facebook etc. We may share a post you make on our page/account, we may also like what you say so much that we’ll place your comment on our website.

We will never spam you with email, in fact, beyond order confirmations and the monthly newsletter, we’ll rarely bother you at all. We hate spam and we know you do too.

We hope that makes our position clear. Email us if you have any queries on this subject.

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