VMX 2.2 Dark Edition Online Manual: Help Topics

VERY IMPORTANT! Both new and existing VMX users should read this when using the new VMX 2.2 Dark Edition! Top tip: Remember you can say “open cheat sheet” at any time in VMX!

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Support & About

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WTF is a music pack?

Installing VMX Player & Packs

Installing VMX Player 2.2 Dark Edition (video)

Installing Music Packs & Voice Expansion with new 2.2 system (video)

Playing your Music Packs

How to play Music Packs pt1 (set & play)

How to play Music Packs pt2 (different play modes, inc. video)

General Track Control

Shuffle and Repeat Mode(relevant for playlists too)

How to play/use VMX Mix variants(the most fun part :))

New support for non variant based Music Packs (VMX 2.2 Dark Edition)

User Playlists

Adding your own playlists

Assigning playlists to in game events

Context Mode with Playlists

Additional playlist playback options (non context mode)

Internet Radio V2

Advanced Internet Radio V2 Adding your own new stations(VMX 2.2 Dark Edition w/ video)

Playing preset radio stations & adding your own custom name presets

Context Mode (game event driven system)

New simple context mode startup

Context Mode with Music Packs

Cooldown Mode Enqueueing (allows Music Pack or user Playlist tracks to complete in context mode)

Cooldown Mode Timed (Stops event processing for set amounts of time)

Combination Mode(Music Packs and user playlists combined into 1 mode)

Favour latest Music Pack (forces context mode to favour the newest Music Pack)

Context Mode commands list, Status & Context Mode general information

Advanced Configuration Options

Configuring a new location for your Music Packs & Voice Expansions(configuration options)

Configuring a new location for your user playlists

VMX system uninstallation for player & configuration files (ie if about to completely uninstall VMX or prepare for major update)

Switch VoiceAttack listening/not listening toggle on/off (can enable/disable the brief cessation of VoiceAttack listening whilst VMX is providing a voice response)

Enable/Disable VMX track retrieval

Enable/Disable OBS Track Data Output

Set/change/disable/enable Acknowledgement Alert Beeps

Sound effects on/off

Hybrid Audioblocks v1.1 Procedural Audio System

What are Hybrid Audioblocks?

How to use Audioblocks


What is MAJIC A.I

How to use MAJIC A.I

MAJIC AI Learn Mode


Settings preservation after uninstallation of VoiceAttack or VMX

Be Right Back Mode

V-Star Integrity & Command Logic Checks

Peek Playlist (listen to snippets of playlists to see what each contain)

EQ Control and saving

File browser Open/Close

Volume control

Showing & Hiding the music player

VoiceAttack related stuff:

Linking VMX Player with another profile

Recommended Voice Attack settings

Command reference sheets:

Cheat Sheet short summary of some useful commands (Updated for VMX 2.2 Dark Edition)

Full list of every single command within VMX Dark Edition

Additional Info:

Who makes the music packs?

What use are music packs?

What is VMX Player

Purchasing & Checkout

Music licensing

Privacy policy