Licensing… in plain English:

By purchasing a Music Pack you are essentially purchasing the music to listen to and the license to use and stream this music. Note that you are NOT buying the copyright to the music, nor assuming distribution rights or any type of ‘ownership’ of the music (and compositional) rights. If you wish to remix any of our tracks, we will usually be ok with this, we simply recommend you tell us of your plans first. Regular purchased music (and even freely downloaded music) does NOT give you the right to do this. Even if a Youtube video says you may use their music, the copyright and right to broadcast still may not legally permit you to use their music which is why you may occasionally find it taken down or held in dispute. The subject is not simple. But we’ve tried very hard to be flexible and keep things simple.  Here is our licensing agreement, it’s a bit wordy, but fair and simple. By purchasing and downloading the music pack, you obtain the following license:

For Video Streamers and VOD (Video on Demand) creators, that’s most of you:

The overarching idea of the music pack is to provide people with legally licensed/usable music in this new digital age of streaming and VOD creation. As a rule of thumb, if you are making content (gaming related or not) for YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Beam, Ustream and other video platforms whether you are a Twitch partner, YouTube monetizer or not, you can allow the music pack to be played during your stream/video, no problem! You may also take the .ogg file from the pack and put it directly into your video for editing purposes if need be. You can apply fx, loop, change pitch to all or sections of the music for your channel’s purposes. Whatever you fancy! Provided you are not using portions of the music pack’s actual recordings and passing them off as your own compositions, whether you intend to provide them for free or not. Because you are licensed to use the Music Pack music, you are of course not permitted to copy and distribute the works contained within it to other people. They are licensed to you for your own streaming/personal use. The same stands for voice audio recordings within Voice Expansions. They may not be distributed to other people under any circumstance i.e within your own Voice Attack profile.

Game creators:

If you are creating a free game as a hobby and do not sell your game, then provided you provide a clear link and message stating our website address and brief description that you are using our music, then yes you may be able to use music pack music in your game! We ask that in all cases that you contact us first for written permission. If at any point you decide to sell your game, no matter how low the price (including ‘freemium’) or if you give the game away at first then later decide to sell it, you MUST remove our music from your game before doing so!  Contact us at music[at]

Making a commercial game? Commercial includes freemium, paid for, subscription etc. You may not use Music Pack music in your game.

For broadcasters of terrestrial TV, Satellite TV, Cable, set top box content delivery (i.e Netflix, Amazon, Sky)
You may not broadcast our music unless it is a short clip for example as a demonstration or review of a music pack, not exceeding 30 seconds worth of our audio.

Online (free) Amateur radio stations

It’s become pretty common for amateur online radio stations to want to play non mainstream music. We’ve been approached by a few small stations. Here are our terms of use. Yes you can broadcast our music, BUT you may only broadcast one track from any given Music Pack, for example you might choose one from Exploration Pack and one from Trade Pack. The idea here is that we do not want entire pack(s) being broadcast . We also ask that you clearly mention where the music came from, whether by the DJ, a motion on your station’s website or placed on rotation. Broadcasting a Music Pack track requires purchase of a Music Pack in the first place.

Commercial radio stations.

If you are providing a paid for radio station service, online (via app or not) or traditional terrestrial broadcasts, whether funded by donation, ads, subscription etc. You will need to contact us for permission first before using any of our music, contact us at music[at] We may be able to work something out. Note that broadcasting short pieces of our audio, up to 30 seconds for demonstration of the music pack purpose is fine.

Respect the hard work that has gone into your music pack and the copyright ownership, otherwise we’ll send the boys around… 🙂