The following are known issues in VMX 2.0 beta1:

Windows Smart Screen for some users showing false positive virus detection when attempting to download Obsidian Ant Voice Expansion- All files are scanned thoroughly before uploading to site. We have also submitted the file to Microsoft and it has been confirmed virus/malware free and added to live definitions. The issue should now be resolved. Microsoft analysis screenshot at base of this page. – Issue resolved.

Shuffle mode for context mode playlists not engaging– fix coming in VMX 2.01

Obsidian Ant voice guide incorrectly states “set voice mode” rather than “set voice”– fix coming in VMX 2.01

Major journal changes coming– major update coming VMX 2.01

When installing to non Windows system drives, some cases of RunDLL errors (workaround on site now)– investigation ongoing

VoiceAttack plugins enabled setting check failing– fix coming in VMX 2.01

VMX 1.x mismatch plugin detection, fails-fix coming in VMX 2.01

Out of range errors when only using Exploration Pack i.e “track not found”– Speculative fix coming in VMX 2.01

Enhanced profile scoping and checking for other vendors packs– Coming VMX 2.01 (V-Star update)

Website sluggish performance issues– Should now be rectified