In rare instances users using different packs have been encountering VoiceAttack crashes, no matter which package they use, if it contains TTS (Text To Speech) phrases there can be a crash whenever VoiceAttack is due to read out the TTS, regardless of whether in VMX or others. We first encountered this issue in Autumn 2017 and we worked with EDDI devs on the assumption there may be a conflict between the two. After a thorough investigation it turned out that some non EDDI and VMX users had the same issue.

The issue has been nailed down to 2 usage scenarios. The first is if you are running another 3rd party TTS engine with VoiceAttack, again, for most users, everything is fine. But occasionally users can have issues which crash VoiceAttack until the 3rd party voice is disabled.

The other, more common scenario stems from either having VoiceAttack TTS voice set to ‘default’ OR having a voice set which you do not have on your system, or one that has compatibility issues. So for example, most Windows 7 users have Microsoft Anna installed by default, if you are a Windows 7 user and you are using VMX with TTS voices and you encounter crashes whenever VoiceAttack is expected to speak, then please select one of the TTS voice responses from the Sounds list in the VMX Player profile. Highlight a voice response, click edit over the speech response and make sure the selected voice isn’t default and give Microsoft Anna a try. In Windows 10, similar issue, but we find Microsoft David & Microsoft Hazel to be very reliable (they sound good too), select one of those if you’re using Windows 10 and choose ‘mass update’ sounds options. We suggest repeating this step because sometimes VoiceAttack doesn’t change them all. Now click ‘OK’ and ‘Done’ to save the change, close VoiceAttack and restart it.

Also we recommend making sure you are using the latest version of Windows with latest updates. The latest major update to Windows has helped with the TTS issue.

We hope you find this article useful. Drop into our discord channel if you want to share experiences regarding this issue. We like to keep track of how many people this affects.

You can follow the thread on this issue in VoiceAttack forum, here: