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How To Integrate other profiles with VMX Player

Start up voice attack as normal and switch to your VMX player profile using the drop down menu. Once that’s done you need to click the little box indicated below:

That should open up a window that looks like this:

Click on the little tick box next to the profile name indicated on the image below

This will open the following window:

Click on the button with the three little dots indicated above to see this:

Click on the indicated ‘Plus’ sign and select the profile you wish to link from the available list. Note: You can add any number of profiles here you want.

So let’s select the profile and click ‘OK’. If you wish to integrate the profile and have it initialise (start up) automatically, we have one final step.

Return to the ‘Edit a profile’ screen so you see the list of VMX commands. Within the ‘VMX System Related’ tab if you click the ‘+’ to expand it you will see a command called ‘music pack init’.

Double click the ‘music pack init’ command we just located, it will open up a screen like below.

Scroll to the bottom of this command’s list (like in the image above), highlight the command (with a single click) at the bottom of the list so it turns blue and click ‘OTHER’ (found on the left set of buttons. Now navigate through the popup menu and select ‘Execute Another Command’.


Choose the ‘Execute by name (Advanced)’ option (make sure ‘Wait until this command completes before continuing’ option is checked). Now we just need to type the name of the initialisation command we want to run into the box. For example if there was a command called ‘((my profile initialisation))’ you would enter that here. Now click ‘OK’ through each screen and ‘DONE’ which will save the change. Now restart VMX Player 2.0 profile, or you can restart VoiceAttack, whichever you prefer. From now on whenever you load VMX Player 2.0 profile it will auto start the command you just linked. If you are linking another profile then the method is the same as above except the initialise command may be different, you just need to identify the initialise command of a given pack.

A reminder, we will be making this process easier in future updates.

Thanks for reading.

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