Sometimes you may wish to install Voice Attack to a none Windows structure, that is instead of installing to a C:\Program files(x86)\VoiceAttack\ style directory structure which contains Windows, you might have a drive, D:\ perhaps: D:\Program files (x86)\VoiceAttack\ but without Windows installed to that drive or partition. This can, for some people cause a run dll error because Windows usually expects any folder structure containing Program files(x86) etc to also contain Windows. Note that the name of your drive/partition isn’t what matters, it could be X:\Program files (x86)\VoiceAttack but so long as it contains Windows, it’ll be fine. Other installation scenarios are also fine. But for your convenience this article will help those having problems.

Solution 1- the simple route: Simply make sure VoiceAttack is held on your Windows partition.

Solution 2- the other, almost as simple route: You may keep VoiceAttack installed in a different location i.e without being on a Windows partition, but we can set up a simple alias in Windows to fool Windows into thinking you have VoiceAttack installed on your Windows partition.

Try the following:

  1. Run the windows CMD (command) prompt as administrator
  2. type: mklink /j “C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack” <location of where you really have VoiceAttack installed> so for example: mklink /j “C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack” Z:\Mystuff\VoiceAttack\

Note the use of ” “‘ for any path that contains a space, the first path contains spaces so requires” “‘ around the path. The second does not.

The first path is where we want to alias (pretend) VoiceAttack is installed to, the second is where you physically (really) have VoiceAttack installed. Once you have done the above, simply fire up VoiceAttack and in the General tab update the path settings to match our new pretend location (the first path). You may find this solution useful for many other things!

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