The following steps are to install VMX Dark Edition assuming you don’t have an existing VMX installation (see note at the bottom if you do)

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition uses VoiceAttack’s .vax profile import method, rather than an installer, since profiles containing plugins require the user to go through a few steps in VoiceAttack anyway, the .vax is the most direct method.

Step 1) Load VoiceAttack and disable plugins by unticking ‘Enable plugin support’ from within VoiceAttack’s options page. Now, restart VoiceAttack in Administrator Mode.

Step 2) Import VMX 2.2 Dark Edition.vax as if it were a regular profile, once complete (there will be a couple of dialogue boxes to click through) select the VMX profile so that it is highlighted, now go back to VoiceAttack options and re-tick ‘Enable plugin support’. Restart VoiceAttack once more, again in Administrator mode.

Step 3) VMX will now install and auto configure. You may be asked to restart VoiceAttack one more time, if so, you don’t need to use Administrator mode this time.

That’s it. The process usually takes under a minute. You are now ready to install any voice expansion or music packs.