Hybrid Audio Blocks is a truly unique system, it is able to compose music soundscapes on the fly. Some Music Packs come with Audioblocks enabled (currently Exploration Pack. Trade Pack soon) which provides you with a huge source of ever changing musical soundscapes. Every time you fire up Audioblocks you’ll hear something different.

Audio blocks are great for Space Sims or other games which suit chill out music. Version 1.1 of Audioblocks features a multi-layer, quad step system with transition injection to provide some really gorgeous textures, all layered and sequenced by VMX on the fly.

To use Audioblocks, ensure that you have the Exploration.pack (version 1.1+) and ensure that you are using VMX 2.1 (or higher). Simply say “play audio blocks” to get started, if you wish VMX to rebuild the blocks to form new textures, say “shuffle blocks” and you will hear new textures. That’s it! Have fun with it!

Coming in TradeMission Pack update 1.1- AudioBlocks v2 compatible system. This system will be context sensitive and will also allow you to choose between light and dark styles (or context mode can choose automatically and dynamically for you). Light and Dark will be the difference between big phat, gritty synths (with a capital PH!) or lighter more pleasant mood of ‘Light’. There will also be additional voice layers and logic to make use of the v2 system.

Very exciting times!