Installing a Voice Expansion or Music Pack:

Makes sure Voice Attack is closed, first:

  1. Visit ‘Your Downloads’ under ‘accounts’ on the website & download your Music Pack/Voice Expansion.
  2. In the case of installing a Music Pack, double click the .pack.exe so that it decompresses into a .pack folder. So if for example you are installing the Exploration pack you will now have a folder called Exploration.pack.
  3. Navigate to your VoiceAttack/Sounds/ folder and note two folders called ‘MUSIC-PACKS’ & ‘VOICE-EXPANSIONS’. Drag your Exploration.pack (or other Music Pack) in to the MUSIC-PACKS folder.
  4. Now load up Voice Attack & select your Music Pack by saying “set” followed by the pack name i.e “Set Trade Pack”, “Set Exploration Pack”.

Installing a Voice Expansion is pretty much the same procedure, these expansions are contained within .voic.exe archive files. Upon double clicking a .voic.exe you will be left with a .voic folder. This should be dragged into your Voice-Expansions folder (also contained within VoiceAttack/Sounds). Next, as before, simply load VoiceAttack and say “set voice Obsidian” or “set voice Unity” to select a voice.

Always restart Voice Attack after dragging and dropping in a new pack.