Installing a Voice Expansion or Music Pack:

Makes sure Voice Attack is closed, first:

  1. Visit ‘Your Downloads’ under ‘accounts’ on the website & download your Music Pack/Voice Expansion.
  2. Double click the .pack.exe or .voice.exe so that it decompresses to a straight .voic or .pack folder
  3. Navigate to your VoiceAttack/Sounds/ folder and note two folders called ‘MUSIC-PACKS’ & ‘VOICE-EXPANSIONS’. Drag a decompressed .pack to MUSIC-PACKS folder and decompressed .voic folder to VOICE-EXPANSIONS.
  4. Head into Voice Attack & set up your Music Pack by saying “set” followed by the pack name i.e “Set Trade Pack”, “Set Exploration Pack”. Or for Voice Expansions “Set voice” followed by the Voice Expansion name i.e “Set voice Obsidian Ant”.

We recommend after dropping in packs to restart the VMX Player profile or Voice Attack itself so they can be scanned properly.