Installing new Music Packs & Voice Expansions is super easy with VMX Dark Edition. Simply drag and drop any .rar packs you might have (voice or music pack, both work the same way) into the VMX_Packs folder within VoiceAttack/Sounds folder (assuming you haven’t configured a new location) and then start VoiceAttack in Administrator mode.

  1. Drag and drop your .rar pack into VMX_Packs folder usually within VoiceAttack/Sounds folder
  2. Start VoiceAttack in Administrator mode and allow VMX to auto decompress and install your pack.

That’s it!

You may now simply say things like “play trade pack”, “play exploration pack”, “play the explorers” etc. Note there is no need to set up the voice expansion, Unity will auto set for you. If you don’t have Unity voice, then TTS will be used by default.