VMX 1.x owners FAQ:

Q. I own the Exploration Pack VMX 1.x. What happens to it?

A. Nothing! You can continue to use it for as long as you wish. There is no push to force you away from it or stop it from working. You paid for it, you have it.

Q. But I want to run the new Trade & Mission Pack and other stuff!

A. Then you need VMX 2.0 Player. The Exploration pack always factored in that it contained voice, music and the system. The Trade & Mission Pack as a combined package like that would have been a higher price than you see now and for every music pack released with the old system you’d have been paying for some of the same things over and over. We didn’t think that was fair or made any sense. Hence the new modular system, which also has many technical advantages over an all in one system.

Q. Can I run my old Exploration Pack on VMX 2.0?

A. Yes and No… Your older Exploration Pack won’t literally run with VMX Player 2, but if you own the Exploration Pack, then at the point of release for VMX Player 2 in January 2018 (Update: It is out now 🙂)that download will change, as if by magic, into a VMX Player 2 compatible Music Pack. It will then cease to be an all in one package and will fall into line with the Trade & Mission Pack. We have already taken this change into consideration with pricing and reduced the Exploration Pack price accordingly.

Q. How does this affect pricing?

A. The new system works out much cheaper if you are buying more than one Music Pack. You only need to purchase VMX Player once, remember. Also the same is the case with Voice Expansions.

Q. Anything else I should know about the Exploration Pack?

A. Yes! The VMX 2.0+ version will be receiving an update in Q2 2018 which will add 5 new tracks, bringing the total to 16. The Exploration Pack Audio Blocks will also receive a tweak to make use of Hybrid Audio Blocks 2 capabilities, again this is for VMX Player 2.0+ only.

Q. Anything else???

A. Yes! If you are using context mode with VMX Player 2, once you have moved to the VMX Player 2 compatible Exploration Pack your Exploration Pack will automatically add to the pool of available music and will add to the soundtrack. VMX 1.x will NOT be able to do this.

Finally. As a thank you for all your amazing support, VMX 1.x owners will receive a download code in the next newsletter today (Tue 19th December) giving a discount on everything on site until 7th January 2018.

Update: You missed it :p