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Version: VMX 2.1.1   Required: VoiceAttack v1.7  or higher  Non Commercial/Free

If you enjoy this software, please consider supporting by donating (if perhaps you think you’ll only ever use VMX Player), picking up a Voice Expansion, Music Pack or support via Patreon. Thankyou!

Free, Music & Innovation. Three words we love…

VMX Player is now available FREE as a non commercial music player and content platform and is the ultimate voice controlled music and audio system for your own music and/or ours. VMX is much more than just that though, it is an evolving eco system of exclusive content which can be used to provide context sensitive music (i.e combat music kicks in when you are battling). But whether you are gaming or not, VMX is a great voice controlled music system. Profile linking is also easier than ever with VMX, check out our tutorial page for more info *.

We feel that simply throwing a music system in as an afterthought doesn’t quite cut it, hence a dedicated music system with full focus on audio and music.

Music Packs: You may add Music Packs soundtracks geared towards replacing game scores as either game triggered music or played as a regular album. We believe music is important, it guides our emotions, lifts us when we are sad and of course conveys a ‘feel’ for games, it provides themes for your in game experiences that will stay with you for years, we want to innovate and really do something special here. All our music is licensed for your use in VODs, streaming etc as well. Every Music Pack you own will add to the pool of available music in game.

Mix variants: VMX stands for Variant Mix eXtensions. This is the technology which allows you to add, replace or remove instruments within a mix all in realtime. Want to hear how a track sounds without vocals? Simply say “remove the vocals”, want to hear with a different lead instrument? Say “replace lead instrument” voila! You can even have variants included or excluded in your context driven soundtrack!

Voice Expansions: VMX Player supports both TTS (Text to Speech) options and Voice Expansions, we think you should have the choice whether to have your music system voiced by TTS or by a Voice Expansion, so the choice is yours. Our Voice Expansions range from celebrity voices to YouTube gaming personalities and more!

VMX supports the following audio formats (plus others!): MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP4, AAC, AAC+, Commodore SID formats (SPC, VGM, VGZ, VTX etc), Playstation Audio, Ad-Lib chip tunes, 8 & 16bit music module formats and more!

Playlists via simple drag & drop. Add your own playlists, they’ll be automatically organised for you, you can even assign them to events within game (see below).

Assign playlists to events. Assign playlists to events by saying for example “assign playlist to docking” so the current playlist you’re listening to will initiate whenever you dock. You could say “assign playlist to combat” and whenever you find yourself engaged in battle, your assigned combat playlist will play. You can also specify which playlists to assign to which event i.e “assign playlist 1 to undocked”. This being VMX, we didn’t stop there, you can manage event assignments by deleting them, changing them or calling up a list to see what you have assigned where.

VMX Player also features the new G.L.I.D.E system, which automatically varies transitions and fades whilst using context mode based on what type of event transition is occurring in game. For example, a fast paced event VMX will try its best to detect and decide whether things are fast moving or not and adjust the track transition accordingly.

Hybrid Audio Blocks is a dynamic system which creates music on the fly out of small chunks of audio. It is a very unique procedural style system , you’ll hear different music each time you fire it up and it’s always full of surprises. This system has been a user favourite since it was introduced in VMX 1.0, we frequently update and enhance the system as it evolves.

Other audio player support

You can also switch VMX’s music player over to a ‘dumb player’ and handle your own music that way if you wish or if you use Spotify, iTunes,Windows Media Player or VLC, control of them is supported via VMX hand-off mode.

EQ Presets and control VMX now supports voice control of EQ presets, you can save them so that they’re always set, presets such as bass boost, higher treble, cinematic etc are possible, or take finer control via the player interface.

Drag & Drop. All of your playlists, MusicPacks & Voice Expansions can be added by simply dragging and dropping them in. Voice Expansions and MusicPacks can be set by simply saying ‘set voice Obsidian’ or ‘set Exploration pack’ for example. That’s it!

Built in update notification system: No complications or messing about here. When you start up VMX Player if there is an update available for VMX or a Music Pack, Voice Expansion etc. It will tell you which one has an update available. You simply download the new pack from your account and drag and drop the new one in. Easy.

V-STAR. VMX 2.0 ships with the first, early iteration of V-Star, an interactive and self diagnostic/auto repair system. It will automagically test for things like profile merges to make sure VMX’s crucial initialisation routine is run, it’ll check for plugins presence as well as other basic checks. Since introducing this system we’ve seen support cases reduced drastically.

The smaller but, still, cool things:

Choose whether to show or hide the music player interface, choose whether to add playlists et al to the player manually and then take control later via voice, or do everything via voice. It’s upto you!

Streamer BRB mode- Assign a Be Right Back track to be your music while you are away. Tell VMX “I’m back” to resume normal music service 🙂

Take control! Shuffle mode, loop mode (repeat), play random playlists, play random mix variants, loop music packs or play all music packs (global loop). Play, stop, pause, rewind, fast forward. They’re all there!

Volume control system specify a volume in percent or nudge the volume up or down

Attenuator: Reduces music volume whilst voice overs are speaking

Switch soundFX on/off, voices may be switched on or off too

MOTD (Message Of The Day) system: VMX Player also has an MOTD system that will give a short line upon startup, if there are important updates or messages to give out to users, they will appear there. We also accept humorous user MOT lines (for slow news days :)) which may be submitted on our Discord channel.

Free updates, both feature additions and bug fixes will appear for the life of VMX Player 2.x series.

Size: 21MB (approx)

*Disclaimer: Gamemusicpacks.com always recommends that users check the terms & conditions of any third party product you may wish to use concurrently with Gamemusicpack products. Gamemusicpacks.com shall not be held liable for any third party licensing claims which may arise. Gamemusicpacks.com as a developer on the VoiceAttack platform abides by the terms and conditions laid out by VoiceAttack.com.

  • VMX Player 2.x & free updates with basic support

  • VMX Player 2.x free updates plus small thankyou donation of £3. Enhanced support and future release VMX 3.x free


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