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BETA 2 NOW LIVE! Note that this is an OPEN BETA. It’s going to have issues! You may wish to wait for the first stable release. You may view bugs status reported by the community & resolution status here.

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Version: VMX 2.2 Dark Edition  Required: VoiceAttack v1.7.6 or higher  Free, community software

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Music & Innovation. Two words I love!

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition is a COMPLETELY reworked version of VMX. For new users, VMX is a music system which can either be used alone or with Elite to pickup in game events and play bespoke music (via music packs) which act as a complete soundtrack replacement for the game. You can also assign your own playlists (for your own music) to in game events by simply saying things like “assign playlist 1 to ‘docking’. VMX 2.2 Dark Edition now provides functionality to allow tracks to finish playing before moving onto the next event (a common user requested feature, no implemented!).

Mix Variants is a dynamic live remix system which allows you to change instruments within a mix in realtime, want to remove vocals? Simply say “remove vocals”, want to change the percussion “replace percussion”, there are many other options. Very unique, very powerful!

Super easy set up VMX 2.2 Dark Edition now accepts Music Packs and Voice Expansions in original .rar format. You can drag and drop new packs in and VMX’s new auto decompressor will unpack, organise and set packs for you. Simply drag and drop, load up VoiceAttack and say for example “play trade pack” and it’ll just play. The new pack setup system is very slick, importing new packs is a fun experience to see and hear, I’ll leave it as a surprise to see 🙂

Internet Radio System V2 You can access internet radio stations from VMX, but now you can add your own station presets from the comfort of your web browser! Found a sweet new radio station online? Simply highlight it, press <ctrl and C> to copy to Windows clipboard and say “add new radio station”. Boom, VMX 2.2 will add and allocation the station to a free preset & read back the location for you. Your presets are now automatically organised.

Powerful new Album mode across all music packs All music packs are now accessible without having to say “set exploration pack” etc. Simply say “play exploration pack” instead. You can now play tracks from all music packs with new “play all music packs” command, or maybe “play all music packs and variants” to play a track from each music pack with random variants.

Audioblocks v1.1 & Formations Procedural Audio Audioblocks is a procedural music generation system, simply say “play Audioblocks” to have VMX build ever changing music for you and experience beautiful musical textures. Audioblocks comes with the Exploration Pack. With VMX 2.2 Dark Edition, Audioblocks is ALWAYS available, no need to “set exploration pack” to access them any more. FORMATIONS PROCEDURAL AUDIO is the follow up system to Audioblocks with a more powerful procedural audio system than ever, music style is divided into ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ and now may be tied to in game events. Experiencing combat or frantic/unsettling gameplay? Formations will turn ‘dark’ in style and tone. Something relaxing occurring? Then relaxing chillout ‘Light’ procedural music will play. First Formations pack coming in Q4 2019.

The other ‘stuff’ VMX 2.2 Dark Edition is more powerful and easier to use than ever! With a brand new pack management system, a raft of bug fixes, VMX is now better than ever! Among the bug fixes are limitations for where to install VMX, no longer needs to be installed to a Windows partition. Journal bug fixes, now behaves properly without Elite being installed for those none Elite players. Voice Expansions auto set, if you have no Voice Expansion, Text To Speech (TTS) will auto set. Improved behaviour when running VMX as a secondary profile, much more reliable. No need to set the journal as a ‘child profile’ either, this is now handled automatically. Context mode now also auto engages whenever game startup is detected. No need to ‘enable context mode’ any more. Brand new update notification system. So many other improvements!

Just want to play playlists? No problem, you can control them with very powerful controls and status analyses, such as ‘peeking’ into playlists and hearing clips of them to help you decide which to play.

New GUI dialogue Use the new dialogue boxes to set your own pack locations for playlists, voice expansions and music packs. Locate your packs anywhere you like instead of being forced to use VoiceAttack/Sounds folder.

Unparalleled audio format support Now supports Amiga .mod formats, SID, PC tracker formats. As well as .ogg, wma, .wav, .mp3, ac3, .flac as well as several different playlist and radio station formats.

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition is a very special release and is a major step forward for VMX. Try it out!

To speak with many other members of the VMX community check out the Gamemusicpacks Discord channel.

Size: 16MB (approx)

*Disclaimer: (aka The boring legal stuff) VMX is a free, non commercial system, made purely for the love and challenge. If you enjoy it, help keep it alive by supporting the project by either donating in the ‘purchase’ option, via Patreon or by purchasing a music pack. Free updates will be provided as and when possible without any guarantee of life of updates, software is provided “as is” and no warranty is implied or offered. Best care is taken in developing the software, but ultimately Gamemusicpacks.com shall in no circumstances be held responsible for any damage or harm to your computer or data as a result of use of VMX software. Gamemusicpacks.com shall not be held liable for any third party licensing claims should you use this with other voice control software. Gamemusicpacks.com as a developer on the VoiceAttack platform abides by the terms and conditions laid out by VoiceAttack.com. 

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