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Requires: VMX Player 2.0+     VoiceAttack v1.6.9+

Prologue: It is the year 3304. The Empire embroiled in an arms race to thwart the Thargoid threat. Tensions are running high throughout the Empire and beyond. Pilots throughout human inhabited space are feeling the pressure of the constant possibility of alien incursions within Empire held space, nerves are frayed, pilots are afraid. Senator ‘Scarlett’ Serrure, a larger than life character (some would say, literally so), famed for both his love of food and dangerous, yet some would say, legendary, flying skills during the infamous battle of GR 316 which saw anti slavery protestors of  the early iteration of Stop Slavery Stupid (now ironically supported by Aisling Duval) take to their ships to make their point in battle only to meet defeat at the hands of ‘Scarlett’s’ task force. The senator has decided that now is the time for his impish self to ‘do his bit’. After using his privileged access to Empire archives, he was rather entertained by a 21st character named Donald Trump. After further research he was able to download enough audio samples with which to build a voice reconstruction, which he promptly programmed in to his imperial clipper’s ship computer to provide voice responses for his ship’s music control system. Of course, it wasn’t long before word spread of this humorous character spread and after a rather sneaky operation by Scarlett’s onboard servants saw them download his music system’s voices, pilots from across the galaxy may now download Scarlett’s voice reconstruction!

Trump Voice Expansion is the second in a series of Voice Expansions designed to be used exclusively for VMX Player 2. Voiced by renowned comedy voice impressionist Stevie Z (featured on Saturday Night Live, Virgin Radio + many more radio stations around the world). Recorded in New York, U.S.A, made exclusively for the VMX platform, this voice expansion provides you with close to 300 crisp, clear, professionally recorded voice responses for VMX Player and contains responses and track details for all music packs, present and future. You will also receive free updates from time to time to support  upcoming music packs and VMX features.

This Voice Expansion is hilarious and is truly a must have. We’ve tried not to be too political with this one and whether you love or hate Trump, this is a really funny expansion to have.

Installation is quick and easy via drag and drop. Just drop the Voice Expansion into your “VOICE-EXPANSIONS” folder within VMX 2 Player, set the voice with a single voice command ‘Set voice Trump’, that’s it, you’re set!


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