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Compatibility: VMX 2.2+      Release date: TBA    Composer: Angel

Triangulum is an upcoming Music Pack with a retro analogue electronic vibe using synths of the late 80’s and early 90’s era. Composed very much with a feel for the music of Star Trek: TNG and John Carpenter movie retro vibe and divided into 3 sections for Combat, Exploration & Mystery, this will be a fantastic if not varied Music Pack to add to your context sensitive music arsenal. Many surprises await in this upcoming Music Pack, including one which I’ll tease you with, look out for ‘Docking Theme revisited’, a re-imagining of Blue Danube docking theme made famous in a certain Stanley Kubrik movie and elsewhere 😉

Tracks will be composed using a variety of classic and analogue synths ranging from the legendary good old Korg M1, Korg Wavestation (used extensively in Star Trek TNG), Roland JD800 and Dave Smith Oberheim 6, plus a small number of soft synths including my Zebra custom. You’re in for a treat!

As sincere thanks for your continued support, a discount will be available for purchasers of VMX 2.x including those who have kindly used the donation option.

This pack will be the first to natively support VMX Raptor’s new advanced features.

Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation are copyright CBS Media & Paramount pictures, no affiliation with CBS or Paramount is asserted or implied.

Header image kindly provided by Danielle Nichol from our user community, image is of galaxy M33.

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