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Music composed by: Angel    Requires: VMX Player 2.01+ & VoiceAttack v1.6.9+

PS! Grab the main menu theme remix free here, free for the community

Released: Jan 19th 2018

The only music system fit for the 34th century receives the all new Trade & Mission Pack for Space Sims (added functionality with game driven context mode for Elite: Dangerous players).  The Trade & Mission Pack provides a whopping 39 tracks x 6 variants* (do the math!) of music of the absolute highest quality. We have been working a LONG time on this pack meticulously making sure it just sounds like an Elite:Dangerous score should. Of course, it will also fit other space sims too if you just wish to simply run it as a voice controlled album. This Music Pack acts as the main pack in the soundtrack replacement collection and therefore covers a wide variety of aspects of the game and works great alongside the Exploration Pack, yes if you have both packs they are automatically added to the pool of available music for context mode soundtrack. You can of course listen to this Music Pack as a regular album too.

The Trade & Mission MusicPack also makes use of VMX Player’s new GLIDE engine for variable, organic event transitions. Slower paced events will blend slower and smoother vs faster paced events such as combat will transition quicker.  Also, due to the organic nature of VMX Player 2’s context system and the depth of music in the Trade & Mission Pack you will find subtle variations based on your in game actions, for example, your location, the station type (outpost, larger starport) the economy type of the station, the major power in the system i.e Empire, Federation etc. It’s all there.


You can choose to let VMX include mix variants in the context mode soundtrack or exclude them, VMX will change variants automatically for you. Of course it wouldn’t be VMX if you couldn’t request variant changes whilst in context mode, so you can do that too, see the video below for an example of this.

Totally change the feel of Elite: Dangerous and make it feel a fresh experience all over again. The level of immersion and joy of having this as your soundtrack replacement in context mode is fantastic, it really is. We have worked so hard on this puppy!

This Music Pack features:

Station Economy Type: Industrial, Agriculture, Tourism,Refinery, Extraction, Terraforming.

Major Powers: Empire, Federation, Empire, Alliance, Independent, Unaligned/None

Combat: Resource Extraction Sites, Combat Zones (large and small), Dogfights, Interdictions, Shields down

Alien Encounters & Alien Combat

Take off music: many different tracks

Supercruise Suites 1-4 + special themes for low security/anarchy systems

Unidentified Signal Source: Various mystery based themes composed in Ron Jones (Star Trek:TNG) style!

Normal Space & Exploration: Additional music

System Map & Galaxy Map

Main Menu theme remix: A nod and acknowledgement of the great work done on the original score

& More! Plus the occasional, unexpected curveball that we won’t spoil in our video demos 😉

Pack size: 1.12Gb, approx 210 tracks (including variants)

*Note for past site visitors/users- VMX is now a modular system. Music Packs themselves are purely Music Packs, that is, they contain the audio and data necessary to work with VMX Player, but a Music Pack does not contain software.

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