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Music composed by: Angel    Requires: VMX Player 2.01+ & VoiceAttack v1.6.9+

Released: Jan 19th 2018

The only music system fit for the future receives the all new Trade & Mission Pack, the ideal companion for your favourite Space Sim.  The Trade & Mission Pack provides a whopping 39 tracks x 6 variants* (do the math!) of music of the absolute highest quality. Join the dangerously elite community of music lovers with this pack. We have been working a LONG time on this pack meticulously making sure it sounds fantastic.

Cruise through space in style in your favourite space sim. The Trade & Mission MusicPack also makes use of VMX Player’s new GLIDE engine for variable, organic event transitions. Slower paced events will blend slower and smoother vs faster paced events such as combat will transition quicker.  Also, due to the organic nature of VMX Player 2’s context system and the depth of music in the Trade & Mission Pack you will find variations based on your actions, location, combat etc.


You can choose to let VMX include mix variants in the context mode soundtrack or exclude them, VMX will change variants automatically for you. Of course it wouldn’t be VMX if you couldn’t request variant changes whilst in context mode, so you can do that too, see the video below for an example of this.

Whatever your favourite space sim the Trade & Mission Pack is guaranteed to change the feel of the game and inject new life into it. Music is such an essential part of many experiences in life and that is very much true for games.

This Music Pack features:

Stuff that will sound great if your space sim contains economies

Stuff that will sound great if your space sim lets you dock and undock from things

Stuff that will sound even better as you fly around from system to system

Even more great stuff we weren’t granted a license to tell you about.


Pack size: 1.12Gb, approx 210 tracks (including variants)

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