About the Download

Composed by: Miguel Johnson  Requires: VMX 2.2 Dark Edition (or higher)     Updated: August 8th 2019

External video: Check out Miguel’s pack here

Exclusively for VMX & UPDATED FOR VMX 2.2 DARK EDITION! Pack contains 20 tracks x 6 variants!


Composer Miguel Johnson, a community favourite, has joined the VMX platform to provide a stellar Music Pack. Featuring context sensitive exploration music, this pack contains 20 tracks (yes, with variants too!)  made by the community, for the community. Contains exploration tracks, planetary landing, supercruise suites, all context sensitive of course or simply listen to it as an album, this is one we’re truly excited for.

From Miguel:

“Making the music for “The Explorers” was an adventure for me creatively.  Out of all the elite music I’ve made so far, I am definitely the proudest of it. I knew going in that this album was going to be of a slower pace, and a journey through feelings of being out in deep space and the thrill of that adventure.

My inspiration for “The Explorers” mostly comes from the feeling I receive from exploring, the wonder I feel in seeing things for the first time. Flying through asteroid belts, seeing neutron stars for the first time, witnessing multi-colored nebulae…
In this album I worked with a close friend of mine and guitarist, Jeff Murray. He provided some truly atmospheric guitar that came out sounding quite awesome. In addition, I have two singers on the album, Amanda Lee and Danny Claire. Both put out some emotional performances.”


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