About the Download

All packs contained within this bundle have been updated for features and compatibility with VMX Dark Edition.

Running a ship is no mean feat, but here to help you save some of your hard earned cash is the Space Sim Bundle. This bundle comes complete with VMX Player of course, plus the mighty 39 track (x6 variants) Trade & Mission Pack which itself covers most aspects of game play, trading, docking, take-off, planetary activities, alien themes, combat music and much more. It also comes with Unity Voice Expansion enabling you to have a professional voice over for VMX, moving away from the dull TTS voice! Unity will read out track names (with free updates when a new Music Pack becomes available or new VMX features are added) and she will also give you voice feedback for every other aspect of your own music control. This is a huge bundle, there’s a lot here and it’s great value.

Save big with this bundle! This bundle features an essential bunch of products, it comprises:

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition (plus free updates for the 2.x series)

Trade & Mission Music Pack (plus updates)

Unity Voice Expansion(plus updates)