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Requires: VMX Player 2.01+     VoiceAttack v1.6.9+

Hi guys and girls!

It is the year 3304. War hero, flamboyant billionaire, Senator Serrur renowned for tinkering with the AI of his Imperial Cutter has been once again flirting with an old passion. The early 21st century YouTube phenomenon. This time he has managed to sample audio content from Obsidian Ant in order to produce a faithful AI reproduction of his voice. Sounding as if he’d gone back in time and used the real thing, Obsidian Ant Voice Expansion for VMX is a great voice to provide music feedback for your ship too.

Who else could we have voicing our first Voice Expansion than legendary Space-Sim gaming channel host Obsidian Ant. Voice of the VMX 1.x series Music Packs, this updated Voice Expansion has a large number of new voice responses, plus re-worked and updated versions of the original voice responses. Revamped and updated for the new VMX 2.x Player and with voice responses for all music packs present and future (with free updates), this is a large, high quality, flexible Voice Expansion providing around 300 professionally recorded, crisp, clear voice responses for the VMX Player 2.x music system.

What better smooth voice to keep you company out in the black or with any kind of game than Obsidian Ant!

Installation is quick and easy via drag and drop. Just drop the Voice Expansion into your “VOICE-EXPANSIONS” folder within VMX 2 Player, set the voice with a single voice command ‘Set voice Obsidian Ant’, that’s it, you’re set!


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