About the Download

Required: Voice Attack v1.6.9+   Required: VMX Player 2.0+

The year is 3304. Senator ‘Scarlett’ Serrure has been digging through the database voice archives once again. Not content with pulling early 21st century archives for YouTube personality Obsidian Ant and seemingly not content with pulling out audio data for his infamous Trump music AI, this time he has scoured early 21st century audio archives searching for Morgan Freeman voice samples with which to feed his computer and have it reproduce Morgan’s voice in the 34th century. Senator Serrure has faithfully brought together a Voice Expansion of the highest order, compatible with VMX Player 2.0+

Released exclusively for the VMX platform and with many serious and playful movie references, this is a beautiful Voice Expansion that we think you’ll keep on looking for excuses to trigger. Travel the galaxy in style with Morgan Voice Expansion.


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