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Music composed by: Angel    Requires: VMX Player 2.0+ & VoiceAttack v1.6.9+

Recommended: EDDI (for context mode) Released: Jan 19th 2018

The pack that started it all. The Exploration Pack for Space Sims (added functionality with context mode for Elite: Dangerous) is now available for VMX Player 2, this Music Pack features 11 original tracks x 6 mix variants bringing the total to over 50 available tracks. This pack is now also compatible with context mode meaning it will trigger automatically with the game! What’s more if you have other Music Packs, VMX will automatically pool them together to form an even more comprehensive soundtrack for Elite: Dangerous.

Whether you’re looking to chill out whilst exploring out in the black or want music licensed for your stream or VODs that won’t be taken down, this pack has you covered. Simply drag and drop it in to VMX Player 2’s ‘MUSIC PACKS’ folder and boom, you’re away. This pack was well received in its original form in 2017 and remains a fan favourite with its stunning music.

Exploration Pack also contains Hybrid Audio Blocks audio (* this feature will return in Exploration Pack update 1.1 with enhancements for VMX Player’s upcoming AudioBlocks 2 update). If you’re new to Hybrid Audio Blocks, here is the blurb: It is a very unique AI driven procedural style music generator that pieces together and layers ‘blocks’ of audio to form different music every time you use it, but without the typical ‘flat, boring’ characteristics you would normally associate with procedural music. Many of our users have said they are still hearing new things months after using it. This feature has proven to be a firm fan favourite!


Exploration Pack will be receiving a significant update in Q2 2018 taking the track count up to 16 (x6 variants, remember) as well as an upgrade to Hybrid Audio Blocks. Music Packs in general will  receive free updates occasionally adding both music and capability updates.

*Note for past site visitors/users- Music Packs themselves are now purely Music Packs, that is, they contain the audio and data necessary to work with VMX Player, but a Music Pack does not contain software, the play system is now modular  in the guise of VMX Player 2.

Pack size: approx 256MB

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