About the Download

Requires: VoiceAttack 1.7.6+   VMX 2.2 Dark Edition (or higher)    Composed by: Angel & Miguel Johnson. Updated: 8th August 2019

You asked for it, so here it is! The perfect bundle to accompany your journey for DistantWorlds2. With nearly 5,000 commanders venturing out on such a mass expedition, let the Exploration Mega Bundle provide the perfect soundtrack for your adventure. Ideal if you plan to stream your experience as all the music is licensed for streaming use and tailored perfectly for the game. Within the original Exploration Pack (part of the bundle) try out Audioblocks v1.1 which provides dozens of hours of hybrid procedurally generated music as well as the bucketload of tracks and mix variants contained within the rest of the music packs. Both our Exploration Packs are contained in this massive bundle! The original and best selling Exploration Pack composed by Angel  AND Miguel Johnson’s superb VMX exclusive Music Pack ‘The Explorers’ featuring 20 original tracks x 6 variants.

In total, over 100 tracks and dozens more hours of hybrid procedural music with the original Exploration Pack’s superb and unique dynamic music system.

If exploration’s your thing and you want music beautifully crafted by 2 of the leading community composers, this is the one, save around 20% with this bundle and support our hard work! What better way to enjoy DistantWorlds 2 and treat yourself.


The complete Exploration Pack & access to free updates

Miguel Johnson ‘The Explorers’ & access to free updates