About the Download

For the first time ever, we have a special ‘Everything’ bundle giving almost £10 off the combined price of EVERY single Music Pack, Voice Expansion and software.

Explore, trade, engage in combat with the complete music replacement system with over 200+ extremely high quality original tracks automatically played and managed for you by VMX’s context sensitive system whilst you venture out in the black. Includes the full version of VMX with unlimited support, both voice expansions (Obsidian and Unity), every music pack and update. The works.


VMX Player (with purchased support availability)

Trade & Mission Music Pack

Exploration Pack (with Hybrid Audio block 1.1 system)

Miguel Johnson: The Explorers Music Pack

Unity Voice Expansion (replace that crappy TTS voice with Unity’s beautiful voice overs)

Obsidian Ant Voice Expansion (will be reactivated in next free VMX update)