About the Download

Requires: Voice Attack v1.6.9   Recommended: EDDI (free) Released: 24/1/2018

Want to get started with VMX and just have a Voice Expansion for your own music?

This is a nice starter package providing you with VMX Player 2 & updates plus the fabulous Obsidian Ant Voice Expansion. This bundle might also be a good option with those who have previously purchased the Exploration Pack (VMX 1.x series). It will bring you up to date with the new, reworked, vastly superior VMX 2 system and re-worked Obsidian Ant Voice Expansion (plus their respective future updates over the next couple of years) and you can download the updated version of the Exploration Pack for VMX 2 for free from your account if you already own the VMX 1 version of the pack.

This package can run nicely on its own or can be combined with other profiles (see manual if you’re new to profile linking). It also includes the free 4 track Demo.pack.

Package includes:

VMX Player 2.0 audio, music, exclusive content platform, Music/Voice Expansion compatibility + updates

Obsidian Ant Voice Expansion

Free 4 track Demo Music Pack letting you try out unique mix variants live remixing.

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