We have added additional configuration options in VMX 2.01 allowing you to set context mode to always be enabled on VMX startup, enable/disable variants preference auto saved, easy running of VMX as child or master profile in VoiceAttack, an initialisation wizard, Be Right Back music customisation, Be Right Back volume customisation and more…

Additional VMX 2.01 customisation features:


Enable/Disable voice attack listening- Switches on or off VoiceAttack auto listening/not listening toggle whilst VMX is speaking.

Enable/Disable variants- switches on/off auto changing of variants whilst in context mode

Be Right Back volume <percentage>- e.g “be right back volume 50%” sets the Be Right Back volume

Assign this to be right back- Assigns the current playing track or playlist to be your Be Right Back music

Drag & drop an audio file into the new BRBtrack folder in your windows Music folder to have it auto assign to be your Be Right Back (BRB) track

Context Mode always on- sets context mode to always be on when you start up VMX

Context Mode not always on- sets context mode to default (only turns on when you say “context mode on”)

Enable/Disable EQ- switches on/off the EQ module

Disable voice- turns voices off

Set voice <voice expansion name> – i.e “set voice Obsidian Ant” turns voice back on and selects which you want

Enable/Disable sound effects- turns VMX soundfx on/off this includes tape rewind and fast forward sound effects, tape heads clinking sounds etc.

Variant notifications on/off- turns on/off notifications when you select a variant that doesn’t exist, such as trying to remove percussion on a track that doesn’t contain any, the pack will notify you. Switching this off turns off that notification.

include all music packs on/off- selects whether to choose a random music pack once the current one has finished playing. Note that in context soundtrack mode VMX ALWAYS uses all the music packs you have available in the audio pool.

context mode soundtrack/context mode playlists- choose whether to run context mode soundtrack (i.e music packs) or your own playlists triggered on game events.

show/hide player- choose whether the audio player should be visible or not (your preference is automatically saved for next session)

Enable/Disable shuffle- lets you have playlist tracks/music pack tracks shuffled (randomised) note, has no effect in context mode soundtracks.

Enable/Disable repeat- Turns loop mode on/off. Choose whether music packs and playlists should repeat when finished.

alert beep 1-3- select a number between 1 and 3 to choose an acknowledgement beep type, VMX 2’s new beep is beep1, classic VMX 1.0 beep is beep2, VMX 1.2& 1.3 beep is beep3.

alert beep off- turns off acknowledgement alerts.

More customisations will be coming during the course of 2.x