If you’ve read the other context mode related articles you’ll no doubt have a grasp on what each does as well as the necessary commands. This page is a general guide which pulls together all of those mode commands and how to get information about context mode’s status and current settings. Ideal if you’re not sure what you last left it set at.

Saying “context mode status” will provide an audible and visual (in the VoiceAttack log) readout of which mode you are using combination mode/music pack soundtracks/user playlists, as well as the functionality status of the game journal and cooldown mode status timed/enqueuing/off. It will also, crucially, tell you whether context mode is enabled or disabled.

“include/exclude variants” will include or exclude mix variants (remove vocals, replace lead instrument etc) from the available music pack music pool. Note that in enqueue & timed cooldown mode, variants are always included by default, there is no need to enable/disable them.

“give me lots of free money” if only this were a real command, just checking you’re still awake 🙂

“enable/disable context mode” switches on or off the entire context mode system

“list all playlist events” will list all events and any playlists assigned to each event

“assign playlist <number> to <docking/docked/combat etc>” i.e “assign playlist 2 to docking” assigns this playlist to docking.

“delete event <docking/docked/combat etc>” will remove the playlist assignment from the named event i.e “delete event docking”

“Assign this to…” You may also whilst listening to your playlists, you may whilst listening to your favourite one at some point think to yourself “this will sound great as a docking track, or a combat track etc. You may at any time whilst listening to your playlists say “assign this to docking” (or any other event). This will assign the currently playing playlist to the docking event which you will then be used in context mode at a later time. See the help article on assigning playlists for a full list of events which you may “assign this to..”.

Fantastic, powerful possibilities!