Setting a music pack

“Set Trade pack” “Set Exploration pack” “Set Demo pack” etc

Setting a voice expansion

“Set voice Obsidian Ant” “Set voice Morgan” “Set voice Trump” etc

Mix variants

“Play original”, “Play key up”, “Replace lead instrument”, “Remove vocals”, “Remove percussion”, “Replace percussion”
“Play all variants” – Plays all music pack tracks with a random variant for each.
“Play music” – Requests the pack to play music in the currently selected mode

Context mode

“Context mode on” – switches game triggered music pack soundtrack on
 “context mode off” switches game triggered soundtrack off
“context mode status” gives information on whether EDDI is detected, whether context mode is on/off and whether variants will be included/excluded in soundtrack.


“Next track”, “Previous track”, “Go to track <number>”, “Stop music”, “pause music”, “Fast forward”, “Rewind”

Volume control:

You can control and set volume a variety of ways using voice.

“Volume <number between 1-100> percent” i.e “volume 50 percent” to specify a volume %.

“Volume up”, “Volume down” to nudge volume up or down

“Volume mute” and “Volume unmute” to mute/unmute

“Current volume” to request readout of current volume setting

Notes: Attenuator automatically drops volume whenever voice feedback plays. Your preferred volume setting is automatically saved for next session.

Status commands:

“Current track” – Requests track number, reads out track name, time remaining within the track & which variant is playing (if applicable)
“Current status” – Reads out whether repeat(loop mode) of shuffle (random) are set, plus in playlists tells you which track of how many are playing.

Additional pack modes:

“Play internet radio” – Switches to internet radio mode
“Play Audio Blocks” – Requests to start playing Audio Blocks mode
“Playlist <number>” –  Plays the specified playlist number
“Peek playlist <number>” – Plays a snippet of a playlist & reads out the album name

Advanced playback control:

“Shuffle mode on/off” – Switches shuffle (random) on or off
“Loop mode on/off” – Switches repeat on or off
“Shuffle blocks” – Shuffles audio blocks to create a new soundscape