The following are known issues in VMX

None reported (yet! :))

ChangeLog & Features:

VMX Update patch (15/3/2018)

Additional bug fixes, performance improvements, Current Status command bug fix, context mode tweaks.

VMX 2.0.1b (14/3/2018)

Some commands adapted for easier recall: “enable/disable shuffle”, “enable/disable voice”, “enable/disable variants”, “enable/disable repeat”, “enable/disable EQ”, “enable/disable external profile”, “enable/disable sound effects”, “enable/disable live remix mode”

Shuffle mode in context mode playlists-fixed

Playlist trigger fixes, list events fixed for Alien Combat, Docking denied playlist handling added

More flexibility with profile multi tasking than ever. High compatibility system allowing VMX to run with your other profiles as a master or child profile. Click to link the profile, restart VA and be done. Or execute other profiles from VMX using our awesome new interactive link wizard.

Game journal fixes (vs beta4)

Alien combat playlist event  support added
Galaxy Map playlist event support added

BRB volume set system implemented

BRB Audio system- set a BRB track or assign a music pack or playlist to be your BRB theme

I’m back- tell VMX “I’m back” and your theme will end & normal playback will auto resume

Add playlists in live without needing to restart VA

Sounds system further improvement

Voice Attack Listen/Stop listening toggle option

Variant availability notifications reworked to be automatic (one less command to remember)- after 3 notifications it will stop notifying

Profile setting retrieval improvements

VMX Integrity Scan system

Plugin detection warnings- now reports if plugins are disabled

Voice Expansion first use instructions fixed – Now correctly instructs “set voice…” rather than “set voice mode… ”

VMX Journaling plugin- completely new ultra high performance plugin optimised for VMX

Voice Expansion updates for Morgan and Obsidian

Improved playlist handling speed

Added [VMX] prefix so you can use music control commands like Alexa, Siri etc. E.g “vmx play music”, “vmx stop music” etc.

Fast forward/rewind bug affecting using this command when nothing’s playing-fixed

Improved general system performance

Initialise external profile voice control/feedback wizard for running other profiles from VMX (i.e VMX as the master profile)

Many many script and code tidy ups

Context Mode always on option – saves context mode preference to always being on

Include/Exclude Variants- saved for next session

Interactive wizard feedback for auto initialising external profiles and BRB set up

Context mode thread handling improvements

Updates for Elite Dangerous 3.0 and 3.02 handling

No sounds set efficiency improvements

Playlist handling increased to 30 (profile default to 20 named playlists, you can add more by adding new playlist commands. There will be a tutorial on how to do this in due course)

Many more bug fixes and surprises.