In late April 2017, I began Gamemusicpacks in the spirit of innovation, co-operation and openness. One of the first things I did after launching was contact a maker of commercial voice response products on the VoiceAttack platform. It was my view then, as it is still today, that both products are extremely complimentary and that co-operation on compatibility made a lot of sense for both parties and end users from the VoiceAttack community as a whole.

However, the impressions I got throughout our talks was that this third party initially viewed me as insignificant and more recently perhaps as a potential competitor in the market. Shortly after discussions broke down in January of this year, I received in writing allegations made against Gamemusicpacks of violating said third party’s licensing agreements. As a point of law, when a claimant makes allegations of violation of licenses, copyrights or other intellectual property, the burden of proof rests with the claimant. It is their responsibility to provide clear and concise details regarding the alleged violation along with possible remedies.

I had repeatedly enquired in good faith as to the nature of the violation and any remedies required, but have so far been met with vague allegations and conflicting statements and now, silence. As the third party had not met the minimum threshold required regarding burden of proof, I can only maintain some amount of skepticism regarding their claims. Not long after this, the third party made changes to their EULA seeking to address these claimed violations without having provided any proof. They are, however, totally within their rights to do so, even though such a broadly targeted EULA hardly clarifies the nature of the claimant’s licensing. It presents what I consider a less than ideal situation for the community of developers and users on the VoiceAttack platform and beyond. More troubling, this has allowed the third party to make whatever claims they want as there is no clear information regarding their licensing terms presented before purchase anywhere either to their customers or to the community at large.

Gamemusicpacks Community Commitment:

I believe in the excellence and the spirit of the community that I have been proud to be a part of, and has become to me like my family. Therefore, I pledge the following:

  1. Transparency Pledge: Gamemusicpacks has and will continue to provide transparency in accordance with commercial laws in the licensing and distribution of its products. We ensure that customers are able to, in accordance with commercial licensing law, view the clear and concise terms and conditions which spell out all rights and responsibilities for users of my products prior to purchase at the point of sale.
  2. Licensing Pledge: Gamemusicpacks has never and will never contract artists or third parties where licensing terms would preclude the use of other third party software be it personal, community or commercially developed. In my opinion this is a poor deal and a bad business decision and does not represent the spirit of the community of which I am a part.
  3. Community Interoperability Pledge: Gamemusicpacks will never lock out or attempt to restrict other profiles developed on the VoiceAttack platform regardless of whether these profiles are personal, community developed or commercial. We openly encourage and allow our products to be linked to other VoiceAttack profiles and ours to link/initialise others. My personal goal has always been to honour the spirit of the community and remain open.

Our profile linking tutorials are still available online and explain how to get VMX working with other profiles with the sole exception of said third party commercial profile. VMX is a self-contained, standalone system and it does not tamper in the operation of other third party software or use any third party assets, licensed or otherwise, in any way shape or form. We hope that clarifies our position. We are considering legal advice on various other related issues and no further comment can be made at this time. If you have any other questions or require any assistance, we’re always available on Discord or reachable via email.

A great alternative featuring ship control, voice control, voice interactivity is a third party tool called EDDiscovery. It is incredibly capable and places no restrictions whether technical or legal on use with VMX. You may run VMX on VoiceAttack and the EDDiscovery app concurrently without issues. Take a look here

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Kate Jones (Angel)