Adding and managing your own playlists in VMX is a breeze. You can drag & drop your .m3u, .xspf, .cue, .pls, .audpl into VMX’s playlist folder located in your Windows Music folder.

Just drag and drop them into VMXPlaylists folder then in VoiceAttack say “initiate playlists” to view their slot assignments. You will see a playlist number auto assigned to each playlist, these are playlist ‘slots’. You can trigger a playlist slot by saying “playlist <number>” i.e ‘playlist 4’. You can peek into a playlist slot and here a portion of a playlist’s track by saying for example “peek playlist 4”.

You can also say “current status” or “current track” to gain details about the playlist such as album name, track duration, number of tracks in the playlist etc.

You can of course also use next track, previous track, pause, rewind, fastfoward to navigate around tracks. You may also choose “shuffle playlists” to have VMX choose a random playlist for you. You may also shuffle the tracks within the shuffled playlist and loop the current playlist by saying “loop mode on”. Loop mode repeats a whole playlist (and Music Pack).